Our projects covers most of the processes in the Pig Supply Chain

This project aims at providing an optimization tool for the replacement of sows with a cloud-based user-friendly interface. The application offers a set of analytic tools to help the farmers to make better strategic, tactical and operational decisions based on data. This cloud-based Decision Support System (DSS) allows farmers to calibrate, optimize, analyze and get suggestions of the candidate sows to be replaced.

Sow farms are a critical part of the pork supply chain as their production influences the whole chain. Moreover, sow farms require special dedication given that the vital processes involved are more complex. The simulation model developed represents the invidual sow characteristics together with the farm dynamics. The model allows the user to investigate the effects of strategic decisions such as the:

- Change in productivity measures under different sow phenotypes.
- Change in the lactation duration

This project is concerned with the modelling of the tasks performed in a pig meat packing plant processing pig carcasses and selling different products, i.e. meat cuts and by-products in fresh or frozen, to wholesalers and local butcheries. The analysis is focused
first in valuing the cost-benefit of the different alternatives for a products’ family as the plant receives many local offers of different products they do not produce usually and they meet problems to assess a convenient sale price. Hence, the goal of the model is to

ePigmanagement is an ongoing cloud decision support suite to help the pig sector to take strategical, tactical and operational decisions.